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New Video

The past few weeks, Joshua and John (Yea Joon) has been working on a new video to submit to a CDS Film Contest. We just hope you enjoy the video!

The Hoot
The Hoot

Science Fair & Awards

Pictures for Science Fair and the awarded experiments are on The Hoot!

Baby Hoo

An Apology

Dear BHCS,
We, the Owlet Managers, have hyped the entire Baby Hoo plushies for a while now, but we are having some technical difficulties. Therefore, the Baby Hoo plushies have temporarily been put on hold for now until we can sort things out. We are terribly sorry for the long wait and disappointing you on what we promised to deliver. We will hopefully get back to you.

Our Team

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Yea Joon Kim

Owlet Manager

Jamie Kim

Owlet Manager





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