The Official BHCS Secondary Homepage

Full school day on campus will resume from May 27 (Wed)

  • School lunch will be provided (Lunch box for the first 2 weeks)

Safe virus prevention measures

  • All families who have come in contact with people who have had possible contact with the virus is required to inform the school and stay at home until any possibility of infection is deterred.
  • All students will be subject to temperature screening upon arrival and students with possible symptoms will be sent home.
  • Please monitor students’ temperatures on a regular basis and if there are any possibilities of infection, inform the school immediately.
  • All students are required to have the proper masks securely Fastened.
  • BHCS will ensure distancing among students, disinfect the school, and provide sanitizers.
  • BHCS will transfer back to online classes if confirmed cases occur to the students, faculty, or staff.



Hello Everyone!
I hope all of you are somewhat enjoying working in the comfort of your homes and that conducting classes on Zoom isn’t too much of a hassle! It is too bad that we are postponing classes till April 6th.
I understand that this is our first time conducting online classes, therefore I hope that as the awesome BHCS community we are, we can maintain our BHCS values even online! Although we are not in a physical classroom, certain discipline and professional behavior are still expected from both teachers and students. It brings relief to many students since they are not asked to wear uniforms online and that everyone may conduct classes in the comfort of their private quarters. Even so, I observed some behavior that I would consider undesirable/unprofessional. In the last 2/3 weeks I observed some students switching off their webcams, attending class on their beds, eating while listening, logging on Zoom 30 minutes into class, fiddling with their pets while I lectured. Since this is the first time for students to conduct classes online and that we don’t have a handbook regarding online classes, I hope as BHCS we don’t lose our values and forget to respect our peers even in a completely different environment! If you have a technical issue, please try and inform your teacher ahead of time, I’m sure they will be understanding enough to accommodate your needs!
I hope every online class can enforce the following rules until we return to school: 
– Log onto Zoom on time: tardies and attendance are still ongoing
– students who are absent/tardy still need to send their absent notes to Mrs. Park (leniency may be given due to technical issues and depending on teachers, but please do not log on 20 minutes later and expect to be considered present. 
– Students need to switch on their cameras to show that they are participating (even though some students feel insecure about their background, on Zoom you may add a customized background)
– Students need to dress appropriately even online (not expecting uniform or suit and tie, just not something too revealing, just a simple T-Shirt will do) 
– Students shouldn’t be on their bed / lying down / eating/playing with their pets. Everyone should be focused in class in a seated position. 
Although failure to follow the above rules won’t result in receiving demerits, it will certainly affect your participation grades!
Above all else, I hope you are all safe at home and somewhat missing school because I certainly miss all of you!
I wish you and your families all the very best and I pray that we can soon return to BHCS!