The Official BHCS Secondary Homepage

Elementor #3

Academic Notices!

Beginning Tuesday, September 22

– Offline Classes (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

– Online Classes (Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays)

School Attendance

Please have the COVID19 survey completed prior to arrival on campus. 

Students who take the school but must complete the survey before boarding of the bus.

All students and staff must wear masks at all times. 

If a student cannot pass the thermal camera screening or shows any symptoms,

he or she will be sent home immediately.

Students are only allowed to stay at home and have online classes

if they have documentation of possible exposure to the virus.

School Files

BHCS Secondary school files for academic year of 2020-2021

If you want to see updated files, please tell us on Social Forest!

Wi-Fi Passwords

KT_GiGA_5G_Wave2_BD22: ecf20bc078

KT_GiGA_5G_Wave2_9B1C: 9cc60cf129

KT_GiGA_5G_Wave2_37F1: c4ed18ik80​