Space Sweepers 

By: Jean-Claude Nuekpe

Space Sweepers follows a band of misfits in 2092 — space is full of junk, and the group competes against other pirates to collect rubbish and find anything valuable. It’s a window into a possible future where humans recycle for money in a predictably polluted new area. This movie portrays man’s future as one where we didn’t turn from our old ways. The story changes when the group of junk-collectors finds themselves in the presence of an android named Dorothy. On the news channels, fear is spread that this android is a tool for terrorism, and can wreak havoc by exploding at any second. The movie is a perfect sci-fi film, with the CGI and acting making it worth the watch.

Queen’s Gambit

By Jean-Claude Nuekpe
The Queen’s Gambit is based on Walter Tevis’s 1983 book of the same name. The story follows an orphan, Elizabeth “Beth” Harmon, and her journey from playing chess in the basement of an orphanage to vying to become the number one player in the world. Within that singular journey, the show does a very good job of featuring the young protagonist as she battles with drugs, alcoholism, depression, and loss. It’s brutally honest about the trials of life that Harmon goes through and refuses to sugarcoat or romanticize anything, which is rare in mainstream media nowadays. Throughout Harmon’s storyline, Taylor-Joy is able to portray the difficult time of puberty in a young girl, to a young adult’s growth and maturity. Taylor-Joy also does an amazing job portraying Harmon’s descent into alcoholism and addiction, along with Harmon’s journey in learning from her mistakes in order to improve her life, along with the lives of those around her.