“Vaccines are the Only Solution”

“Vaccines are the Only Solution”

Editorial- “Vaccines are the only Solution”

By Juchan Lee

South Korea took the first giant step towards safety. The nation officially started inoculation on February 26. After failing some attempts to equip vaccines, Korea finally equipped 44 million COVID-19 vaccines. The whole process of development to first vaccination has been a strong political issue.

First of all, AstraZeneca vaccines are not considered safe, and eight deaths prove it. 

In addition, the president and the party leaders are refusing to get vaccinated, and loudly asked, “Is the president a test animal?”

This gave massive distrust to people of vaccines. 

However, no one can deny the importance of the COVID-19 inoculation.

Joyce Cho, a BHCS Senior, said, “Vaccines are needed and are important because they help us prepare our bodies against deadly viruses and for future sicknesses.” 

Then she added that vaccines can ultimately give positive results for our society.

James Kim, another BHCS Senior added his insight.

He said, “vaccines are needed because they could be the key factor helping people to fight against the virus, but we have no other substitutions anyway. (paraphrase)

James Kim, another senior student at BHCS added his insight. He said that Vaccines are necessary for the people’s safety, 

As James Kim mentioned, no one would deny that there’s no other method than vaccines to fight against COVID-19. However, vaccines play a vital role not only in health care, but also in the stabilization of society. Inoculation will gradually decrease people’s anxiousness about the virus. With the decreased number of infected people, society will run again, and all the businessmen, market owners, and athletes will get paid which they weren’t able to get due to COVID-19. Society will be safer and the market will be stable, and the world will start entering the “new normal,” but in a safer version. 

In order to achieve the dream of ending the tragedy, the vaccine is the one and only way.