After School Party

After School Party

By Jean-Claude Nuekpe

All work and no play makes students at BHCS very dull. 

Almost 80% of last year was spent in quarantine. We had all hoped that it would have ended earlier. However, it seems like we will be spending a few more weeks in quarantine. Since we are all isolated, we all have to find different ways to keep ourselves entertained or at least active.

We asked a few of our students what they do away from school and schoolwork. Here are our findings.

“Usually, if I’m not too busy, I’d either sleep, watch a movie, or play games” said Aaron Huh, BHCS Student Chaplain. “The usual things you know.”

“I actually do hang out with friends,” said Taeheon Kee, BHCS Student Council President. “Though it is not as often as before”.

I asked a few students about how they spend their free time. Common responses included going to the movies, talking on the phone, or playing videogames. 

I also asked if they spend time with their friends.

Some students said they do not spend time with friends.

Other students said they spent time with friends, however, not often at all. 

According to other students, the quarantine was a great time to pick up new hobbies or skills.

Some students said they started working out. Other students said they started learning the guitar or the piano.