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Mr. Botha Feb 24-28

Grade 8 Outsiders Reading Book the-outsiders_se_hinton Homework Check Box–usKfYu2o/edit?usp=sharing Due Monday Feb 24 – Complete Outsiders worksheet Ch7 below and send to teacher (Google/Photo/PDF write) Outsiders Ch7 Due Monday Feb 24 – send your Speech recordings to Mr. Botha by email/share/Google. Due Wednesday Feb 26 – Read and complete exercises in Longman 2 Pg…
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Mr. Botha Class Materials & Exams June 2020

Class Materials Grade 8 ENG8_TEDTalks Speech Speech check list G8 Grade 9 ENG9_TEDTalks Speech Speech check list G9_10 Grade 10 ENG10_TEDTalks Speech Speech check list G9_10 Exams Grade 8 1 – MLA Format and Citation (8th Edition) PowerPoint Presentation (You need to study PDF pages 2,3,4,5,6,9,15,16,18) MLAstudenthandouts (You need to study PDF pages 3,7,8,9,10,12,13,17) MLAteacherKEY…
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