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Mr.Giles -Jesus Image Portrait Intro

Dec 03, 2019 For Fine Arts and Arts Please choose one image to draw. When you draw please remember to: Draw as you see. Use line and shading accordingly. Include the shoulders in your drawing. You do not have to make it look exact. However I do want to see detail in your line and…
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Mr.Giles – Fine Arts (11/12) & Art (7&9) Unit 4 Intro

Beginning next week there are only two weeks left of classes for Art and Fine Arts. For Art there are 5 classes left. For Fine Arts there are 4 classes left. Your project is simple. You have to choose one portrait of Jesus from the pdf and draw that with pencil in your sketchbook. You…
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Mr.Giles – Fine Arts & Arts reminders & recommendations

Grades 7 & 9 – 11 & 12 As you know your formal assessment portion for your Korean Cultural Projects are due tomorrow. Formal Assessments due: Friday, November 15th, 2019. Things to know: You must show me all your materials, paper, paint brushes, paint, etc. , in order for you to receive a passing mark…
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Mr.Giles – Art & Fine Arts Writing Assignments G7, 9, 11 & 12

Hello all, Here are a few friendly reminders for you all when writing your assignment. This type of writing is called a descriptive abstract. The purpose is to describe your topics and your final chosen sketch. Please remember to NOT include the following: title date teacher name class name Your first and last name should…
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Mr.Giles – Fine Arts G11 & 12

Homework: Using your sketchbook and a ruler please draw 3 spheres in one point perspective. Refer to the image for instruction and include all construction lines. Please complete for Thursday, October 18.

Mr.Giles Art HW for October 14 Grade 7 & 9 (Bible Room)

Please draw one extra cone in one point perspective in your sketchbook. Use the same page as you used on Friday during practice. Remember to outline your cone and draw perspective lines to show your work.

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