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Science Fair Announcement

Dear students, I hope you are all well and safe. I wanted to make a few announcements regarding the science fair projects. Grade 7 and Grade 8 Due to the outbreak, it is highly recommended to stay at home at least until we are back in school. Please hold any meetings or gatherings you have…
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Chemistry Home Assignment (Mon-Fri)

Mon-Fri Revise Chapter 12A PPTs: Chem Ch 12A- The Dissolving Process There will be a vocabulary pop quiz, next Tuesday. The vocabulary are: Chapter 12 Vocabulary Words We did not do lessons on Chapter 12B yet but read Chem Ch 12B- Measures of Concentration (Slide #7 to #10, Molarity) and try to answer this worksheet.…
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Biology Home Assignments (Mon-Fri)

Mon-Fri Revise chapter 12 using the PPTs. There will be a vocabulary pop quiz next Tuesday. Study all of the highlighted words. Your test for Chapter 12 will be merged with Chapter 13 test. (The last two slides of Ch 12B is not included in your pop quiz as we did not finish) PPTS: Bio Ch…
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Physical Science Home Assignment (Mon-Fri)

Mon-Fri Watch the video and summarize important notes. Write your summary on google docs and send/share it to Mr. Isaac’s email by      1:00 PM Friday, Feb 28th (Email: For those who have their textbooks at home, please read chapter 11A. For those who don’t, read the PPT. Phy Sci Ch 11A-…
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AP Biology Home Assignment (Mon-Fri)

Mon-Fri There are changes to the topics we will be covering during class. The current Topic 9 will be dropped immediately since it is no longer covered in the AP exam. I do apologize for any inconvenience. I will explain further once we are back in class next week. For now, I ask students to…
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Life Science Home Assignment (Mon-Fri)

Mon-Fri *All students should have brought home their textbooks because of the reading homework given last Friday during class* If you do not have your textbook, ask your classmates to take a picture of it and send it to you. Read Chapter 12A and 12B Answer section review questions 12A (page 252) and 12B (page…
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Mr. Isaac – Science classes PPTs (Unit 2)

All of the PPTs for Unit 2. This will be updated as we go through the chapter.   Life Science Chapter 11B (LIFE SCI) Chapter 11A (LIFE SCI)   Physical Science Phy Sci Ch 10D- Electrical Circuits and Safety Phy Sci Ch 10C- Electrical Current and Ohm’s Law Phy Sci Ch 10B- Detecting, Transferring, and…
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Mr. Isaac – Science Homework (Feb 12)

Biology Prepare for Chapter 11 test (Thursday, Feb 13th)   Chemistry Prepare for Chapter 11 test (Tuesday, Feb 18th) Lab questions worksheet (Tuesday, Feb 18th)  

Mr. Isaac – Science Homework (Feb 10)

Life Science Finish lab manual 11C and 11D by Wednesday Chapter 11 Test is on February 17th    

Mr. Isaac – Science Fair Booklet

Full version of the Science Fair Booklet   Please take note of the important deadlines on Page 2.   High School Division (G9 and G10) BHCS Science Fair Complete Booklet 9-10 2020   Middle School Division (G7 and G8) BHCS Science Fair Complete Booklet 7-8 2020

Mr. Isaac – Test dates (All Science Classes)

Life Science Chapter 10 Test – Wednesday, January 29th Chapter 10C (LIFE SCIENCES) Chapter 10B (LIFE SCI) Chapter 10A (LIFE SCIENCE)   Physical Science Chapter 9 Test – Wednesday, January 29th Phy Sci Ch 9C- Heat Phy Sci Ch 9A- Thermal Energy Phy Sci Ch 9B- Temperature   Biology Chapter 10 Test – Thursday, January…
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Mr. Isaac – Chemistry PPTs

Chapter 10 Test (Tuesday, January 28th)   Chem Ch 10C- Gases and the Mole Chem Ch 10B- Gas Laws Chem Ch 10A- Properties of Gases

Mr. Isaac – Biology and Chemistry (PPT)

Biology Vocabulary quiz on Tuesday, Jan 21st Biology Chapter 10A- The Origins Question   Chemistry Finish Boyle’s Law and Charles Law worksheet by Friday Pop quiz on Monday, Jan 20th (Chapter 10B: Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, Lussac’s Law and Combined Gas Law) Chem Ch 10B- Gas Laws  

Mr. Isaac – Physical Science

Vocabulary Quiz – Monday, 20th Phy Sci Ch 9B- Temperature Phy Sci Ch 9A- Thermal Energy    

Mr. Isaac – Life Science Homework

By Monday, Jan 20th Pick a small plant / flower near home or park Tape it to an A4 paper Label primary plant structures Chapter 10A (LIFE SCIENCE)  

Mr. Isaac – Chemistry S1 PPTs

Chapter 9 Quiz: Tuesday, December 10th Semester Finals, Tuesday, December 17th Chem Ch 1 Chem Ch 2A day 1- Classification of Matter Chem Ch 2A day 2- Classification of Matter Chem Ch 2B day 1- Energy and Matter Chem Ch 2B day 2- Energy and Matter Chem Ch 2C- States of Matter Chem Ch 3A-…
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Mr. Isaac – Biology S1 PPTs

Chapter 9 Quiz: Friday, December 6th Semester 1 Finals: Thursday, December 19th   Bio Ch 1 Bio Ch 2A- Matter, Energy and Life Bio Ch 2B1- Solution Bio Ch 2B2- Organic Compounds Bio Ch 3A- Our Living Planet Bio Ch 3B- Biomes Bio Ch 3C- Web of Life Bio Ch 4A- Sustainability Bio Ch 4B-…
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Mr. Isaac – Life Science S1 PPTs

Chapter 9 Test: Monday, December 9th Semester 1 Finals: Monday, December 16th   Life Science Chapter 1 Life Science Chapter 2 Life Science Chapter 3A Life Science Chapter 3B Life Science Chapter 3C Life Science Chapter 4A & 4B Life Science Chapter 4C Life Science Chapter 5A Life Science Chapter 5B Life Science Chapter 6A…
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Mr. Isaac – Science Homework

Life Science Lab manual 9b and 9c: Wednesday, Dec 4th   Physical Science Finish the worksheet: Wednesday, Dec 4th