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Geography Assignments for Feb 24-28

Mr. Kim Geography Assignments for Feb 24-28 Read Pages 231-242 of you Geography book. Define the following terms: Estuary Garrison Populous Strife Merchants Semiarid Fertile Subtropical Industrial Refineries Sparsely Mustered Petrified Indigenous Secular Itinerant Neglected Commerce Tributary Alluvial Affiliation Terrain Monarchy Slums Savanna Basin Adequate Governs Exploit Extract Answer the Section Quizzes on Pages: 236,…
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Mr. Kim Geography Bring lined notebook for notes and classwork (Due: 2/17/2020) Travel Project (Due 3/7/2020) Europe France (Napoleon) Latitude & Longitude Equator World History (8 M Saints) Europe Cause of WWI (Imperialism) World History (8 M Saints) Monarchy Russia 1 Taoism 2 Shintoism 2 Legalism 2 Buddhism 3 Confucian vs. Christianity Asian Religion Project…
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