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Yearbook (2/17,20,25)

2/18 (tue) -Make a photo direction and concept PPT for superlatives.(Elementary) Include specific gestures, facial expression, costume, props and reference pics. -event icon design : jiwoo, yunhee           Sports Day : Yunhee, jiwoo           Secondary Speech Meet : Yunhee          Elementary Famous People Day…
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Graphic Design (2/18,20,25)

2/18 (Tue) -Draw your room (stroke only, no fill color) Use pen tool and shape tool only. It is okay if it is not perfect. Try to use pen tool that you learned last time. do not fill color. Just outlines. *examples are uploaded to google drive google drive link 2/20 (Tu) -Fill color Select…
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Videography (2/18,20,25)

2/18 (tue) [Project : Movie trailer] team work 2-3 ppl. Submit your team member(2-3ppl) list to Start writing treatment. Step1. Select a movie title (or you can create your own movie) Step2. Brainstorming & Concept. 2/20 (th) Step3. Synopsis Step4.Script 2/25 (tue) Step5 : Staff role. Step6: Timetable If your team is ready to…
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[videography] fashion film

First project : Fashion film (sunglass, sneakers, clothes, earrings  / 24fps 60fps / FHD 1920×1080 *treatment, shooting : team work *editing : Individual or 2 ppl work. Team work : brand (or magazine is fine) -Step1. : KEYWORDS, Targeting// research the brand, concept (how will you show the brand, is it casual? Formal? ), model…
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[videography] Daily video project

Daily video is a long term project and this is a replacement of Final exam. You need to take 1 sec a day. Shooting Period : 1/14-05/21 (100days only, 100sec) Editing Period : 05/21, 05/26 Camera : your cellphone. Ratio : 1920×1080 /24fps recommended. We do other short term projects too while we are working…
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Dots, lines, shapes [Graphic design]

Find dots, lines, shapes around you and take 2pictures each (1 from printed matters such as magazine, papers and posters, 1 from interior such as your home, school and friends’ home) total 6 pictures. (put 6pictures in 1 pdf or ppt) Presentation 5min on this Thursday. Submit your PPT to deadline : 1/15 11pm

SFX homework

SFX homework Homework : Select one (Larva or Usavich) and create sound effects for it. Download it from google drive. Record it, Finish it, Render it and upload it to google drive by 12/09 11pm (final video file name should be your team members’ name) We are going to watch your videos in class.  …
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Chuseok VLOG (Video diary)

Chuseok VLOG (Video diary) take more than 30 clips. and bring it to next class. start editing in next class

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