Coronavirus and Education.

Coronavirus and Education.

Coronavirus and Education.

By Juchan Lee

COVID-19 had its massive effect on education in general. 

A lot of tests were canceled, and the classes were converted into online classes. Throughout this whole change, because of the pandemic, the changes were slightly different with each student. 

Jua Lee, a student currently attending an international school in Pangyo, said that there was a massive change in the process.

The school went online. No one was allowed to visit the school. The school asked the students to not meet each other for any reason.

Helen Park, a high school Senior attending an international school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, said the same as Lee.

In addition, most of the College Board exams were canceled in Park’s city. She was able to take only one exam. As a Senior, the pandemic had a massive impact on her college admissions.

Meanwhile, Korean schools adopted different methods to respond to this outbreak. 

Jueun Lee, a Korean student, saw those methods put into practice at her school.

Her school, located in Gyeonggi, adopted a half-day schedule. The school required the parents to submit a health survey. Any students without a submitted health survey were not allowed to attend school and were sent home immediately.

This strict rule was not received by some students because some students lived two hours away from school.

Fortunately for Lee, her college admissions were not affected much, since she is a Sophomore.

COVID-19 affected everyone and changed everyone’s daily lives. But even though the pandemic may have affected everyone differently, no one has seen a positive result from the pandemic.

“We cannot predict the future, and I don’t know how bad it will be next year,” Jua Lee said.