Mr.Giles – Advanced Art 3B


Formative Assessment

This Assessment will include the same still life arrangements you have done of the same five objects, in the same perspective. The difference being is colour. You will colour with watercolour paints. You will make three more still life representations.

First one will be warm colours. This means you will choose a warm temperature palette to paint your still life.

Second one will be a cold temperature palette to paint your still life.

Third one will be a regular temperature palette to depict your still life.

Some things to keep in mind when your drawing and painting.

Use the same direction of light you used in your drawings. So, your shadows and shading should be in the same perspective as your previous drawings. Light is crucial and how you show it will help your objects look better.

Do not paint without first outlining in graphite. Make your outlines light so they do not show up in the paint.

Use water colour paper to paint your final still life paintings. Make your paintings larger than A4. I recommend around an A3 size. That is around 30cm x 45cm. Make sure to choose your direction of paper wisely to utilize space properly. So, landscape size is horizontal and this would be to show still life arrangements that are broad and wide. The other display is portrait, which is vertical. This display best utilizes objects in space that are standing up and are tall.

Remember to look at a basic colour wheel for colour temperature references. Warm colours are yellow, orange and red. But, colds include greens and purples as well as blues. Refer to the exemplars in the pdf in google classroom for a demonstration.

When you have your watercolour paper it’s always a good idea to tape it down around the edges so it does not curl up and bend when you add water to the surface. It also creates a nice border.

One more thing, remember to include the surface your objects are on. So if your objects are on your desk draw your desk so it doesn’t look like they’re hanging in mid space.

I recommend you practice before you start your formal assessment. Get the hang of your brush and the technique of painting in watercolour.

If you have to purchase watercolour paper I recommend you purchase many in bulk. You will need to use them again later. For this unit you will need at least 4 but I recommend you get more in case you make a mistake. Any questions, comments, concerns feel free to ask any which way you can, anytime: email, zoom, comments bar, etc…

Due Friday, Sept 11