Mr.Giles – Art 3B – Summative Assessment – Final Project Still Life Water Colour Painting

Due Sep 25, 1:10 PM

This will be the final portion of the unit, the summative assessment. Your objective is to paint a still life in water colour.

There are some things to keep in mind when your painting any still life arrangement.

The first thing I want you to do is choose at least 5 different objects and arrange them on a little table against the wall. When you have the arrangement that looks most appealing to you and makes the most sense to the viewer I want you to take a picture of the arrangement with your phone.

Please take a photo in widescreen format. When you have done that send me the image and upload it to google classroom. Turn it in in the assignment section for the final. That way I can use the zoom feature in google classroom and check for detail.

Please turn in the image of your arrangement by Tuesday morning next week. I expect to see it by Tuesday before class.

When you are painting remember to lightly draw in pencil first and then cover with paint. Don’t draw too darkly or it will show through the paint. Remember to use painting paper for this final portion in your unit. Your size should be at least A3, that is 30cm X 42cm, or larger. You can purchase any painting paper at any stationary store or online as you may already know.

When you begin to apply paint remember to apply as lightly as you can. Use more water than you think may be necessary. Don’t use too much paint at once or you’ll regret it. Watercolour paint must be applied with more water than paint.

Any questions as , comment in google classroom or in the turn in section located there.

As always you can show your progress any time during our zoom class and ask questions there too. I’ll be hanging out after class if you want to stay after and discuss anything in private.