Mr.Giles – Art Elective 1B


Formative Assessment Tessellation

Your assignment is to make two more tessellations.

Using paper larger than A3 (30cm x 45cm) start with a new stencil and outline it in your sketchbook to see if is to your liking.

I want you to think about what your image will look like before you cut out the pieces in your stencil and outline. Try to come up with an idea of what you want to represent and think about how you’re going to cut out the pieces to make that. Once you got the stencil use it in your sketchbook and fill it in with extra info to represent that image entirely.

First step is to make the slide and glide tessellation, test it, fill it in and then draw it out on large drawing paper.

If you’re using watercolour paints use watercolour paper.

Next step is to fill in the patterns with the lines to represent the image. Remember to reflect the lines properly and to not make them too sketchy or hairy.

Once you have done drawing begin to colour your tessellation. You must colour your entire pattern scheme. Don’t leave any white from the paper. Show me your creativity with colour. Be sure to have a clear pattern scheme in line and colour. Contrast your pattern in colour.

Finally, when your done colouring the entire tessellation pattern, outline your lines with a black permanent marker and erase any pencil marks you see left.

When that is complete do one more tessellation in a rotational pattern and complete that as well in colour and outlining.

Remember to do this assignment slowly.

Take your time and think carefully where your going to put your lines.

Do not be minimalistic and overly simplistic. Be creative and explore with line and pattern with colour.

Craftmanship rules apply. When colouring and outlining: remember to colour within the lines and to produce depth of colour. Lines should be neat, crisp and clean. Do not use crayons, acrylic or oil paints.

Pencil crayons are acceptable. Watercolour is preferred.

Do not present your work on damaged paper.

Refer to the pdf in google classroom for exemplars. They will show you what to do.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask


Due Friday, September 11th.