Mr.Giles – G7 Art



Formative assessment instructions.

Begin by getting a large piece of paper. At least A3 size, 30cm x 45cm roughly. Fold the bottom right corner all the way to the left edge of the paper. Cut the top off. Fold the paper into 8 slices. X first and then up and down. This way you will have the right folds. Be careful when you fold. Make sure your paper is straight and even on all sides. You should have a perfect square. Check with a ruler and measure to see if you have equal sides. You will need an HB pencil to start writing your name. Use block letters for best results. Outline, transfer and etch with the 4B pencil. Make sure each line connects on the seam. Leave your letters open for best patterns. Etch and rub gently with care to protect your paper from ripping and becoming dirty.

Once all 8 slices are complete outline with black fineliner, permanent marker and then erase any extra pencil on the paper.

It’s important you write your name from either the inside going out or the outside edge going in. But do NOT write your name top to bottom or bottom to top because the lines have to connect.

You do not need to colour this. You need to make it look perfect. Use permanent marker as your final art tool for the formative assessment. Make sure your marker is not too thick. Sharpie’s are too thick.

Any questions, comments or concerns email, or write in the comments bar. You can also upload your assignment early to show me progress so I can check in between classes.

Due Friday, September 11th.