Mr.Giles – G7 – Kaleidoscope Name Art – Summative Assessment

Due Sep 18, 2:00 PM

After you have finished outlining your eight slices in permanent marker and erased any extra pencil marks begin your summative assessment.

This is your final project. You are to colour with pencil crayons (coloured pencils). I will be marking your craftsmanship in line and colour so please look at the samples and examples in the pdf to make sure your doing it correctly.

Things to keep in mind for the final project portion:

* use more than one colour for your background.

*use more than one colour for your letters. Best to have a different colour for each letter.

*make sure your name is readable. Having clean, crisp lines will help in this.

*when colouring be sure to colour evenly and deeply. Make your colour opaque and not transparent or clear.

*stay within the lines when colouring.

*be sure to make your colours reflect on each slice equally. Don’t make different slices different colours. Don’t make your backgrounds all different.

Any questions ask . Also, you may show me your progress anytime by uploading your work into the assignment turn in section on google classroom by attaching it and turning it in. This will show me your progress and tell me your are responsible for checking with me and how you are on track or doing well in your final.