Mr.Giles – G7 Art


Kaleidoscope Name Art
Get a large piece of paper at least A4 size.
Fold it once from the corner up to get a square. Cut off the end to get a perfect square. The end is the rectangular portion at the end of the fold. Once you cut off the end you will have two slices. Fold one more time and you’ll have 4 slices in your radial balance square/kaleidoscope name.
Work lightly with an HB pencil first to get your name right for you. Press lightly, not hard so you can erase mistakes easily if you make any. You may start on the inside of the slice or the outside. Either way looks nice. I’ll leave that up to you. You may choose to write in Korean letters if you like but be aware it’s harder than in English.
Make sure that when you are transferring your name from slice to slice you are using at least a 4B pencil. Outline your lines clearly and do not make hairy, sketchy type lines.
Your lines should be straight, clean and neat.
When you’re done all four slices outline with permanent marker and erase any pencil left behind.

If you have any questions please ask either in an email or in the comments bar below.

Please upload a photo of your completed work when you are done by the due date indicated. (Sept 1.)
Remember to have fun and work hard!

You must upload all your images and progress to google classroom on the due date. This is due Tuesday, September 1st.