Mr.Giles – Art 1B – Summative Assessment – Final Tessellation project

Due Sep 24, 9:00 AM

This is the final part of our project. We’ve had a lot of practice up to this part, trying to figure out how best to produce tessellation patterns. Now we have to present our final project with paint on painting paper.

You will need: 1. Paper for water colour paints. Make sure it’s for water colour painting. You can purchase some papers at the stationary stores that sell papers. Your paper must be at least A3 size or 30cm X 42cm. Make sure it is not smaller than this. Usually you can get one that is really big and cut it in half. Ask the front desk clerk what size of paper they have for watercolouring. If they have one that is twice as big (60cm X 84cm) you can buy this and cut it in two. Ask the person to help you cut it in half and they may be able to help you.

2. Be sure to use appropriate paints when painting. You should have already purchased your palette and paints. Now you should prepare them in advance. Ask me if you do not understand how to do this. I will explain later in class.

Things to keep in mind:

*When you’re outlining your stencil with pencil be sure to press lightly. Do not outline with permanent marker before you paint. If you do, your marker will bleed and ruin your painting. Outline with permanent marker only when you are finished painting.

*This stencil is a rotational pattern. Remember that to make a rotational pattern the top portion of the square must slide down clockwise 90 degrees (top left corner slides down to bottom right corner) and the left side slides counterclockwise 90 degrees (top left corner of left side slides to bottom right corner). Make sure you do not flip the cut outs from your stencil. They should only slide.

I want you to practice your painting skills before you begin painting your final. So, before you begin I want you to create the bird template and paint it yellow and blue the same way. You don’t have to fill it in with detail but I want to see your painting skills before you begin your final. This first part of the final project will be included and marked and it is due Tuesday, Sept 15. The pdf attachment below in google classroom has the bird rotational template you can copy from. Use this to practice your rotational pattern, stencil making and painting. Be sure to outline in permanent marker as your final step to avoid bleeding of the marker in the painted areas.

Please upload this and turn it in by Tuesday in google classroom under the Summative Assessment – Final Tessellation Project assignment turn in section by taking a widescreen photo with your phone.

It’s important to take widescreen photos with your phone so I can check them with the zoom in feature on google classroom.

Any questions email, comment below or in the turn in comment section or talk to me during zoom. Be sure to check out the video in google classroom. There are some really useful tips on how to get started with water colouring.