Opinion: “How was the COVID Crisis Handled?”

Opinion: “How was the COVID Crisis Handled?”

By Juchan Lee

The sudden COVID outburst destroyed people’s daily lives. With the enormous amount of exhaustion and cancellations, people and nations are finding new methods to safely adapt to this new situation.

However, in the process, the government’s efforts to help us transition into the “new normal” has been ineffective in many ways.

South Korea has been one of the most active countries working on quarantine and prevention. In order to handle the COVID crisis, the government chose to prohibit or put regulations on offline classes.

The schools had to put sneeze guards on every single table, and students were recommended to practice social distancing among each other. And although there’s a great option called “online classes,” the Korean Ministry of Education chose to continue offline classes for high school seniors since they have the Suneung Exam in December.

Consequently, it’s no surprise that the news continuously tells stories of high school students getting infected in schools and academies.

The government continued enforcing its ineffective rules and regulations on society.

No more than four people could gather outside or inside, and this restriction had a huge negative impact on every single business, especially gyms, academies, and cafes.

People doubt the rationale and reasoning behind the regulation. There was no explanation given for the four-person limit, and the government initially stated that it is okay to exceed the limit if the meeting is a family gathering. Other restrictions were also criticized for their inefficiency. Every mall and shop had to close before 9 PM, and this time regulation proved to be a catastrophe.

Every regulation was criticized harshly since the government brought up extreme criteria that still produces terrible results.

How was the COVID crisis handled? I say “not well enough.”