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  1. At morning, we give our phones to our homeroom phone basket. However, some students are afraid of put their phones to the basket because, their phones could be broken, in my situation I change my phone screen protecter three times because when students bring their phones, they scratch other students phone with their nails.
    So, what I want to do is, changing our phone basket to phone bag
    like this :
    I think, we should use this kind of phone bag because, I saw some situation that drop someone’s phone by accident.
    Therefore, I want to ask about changing our phone basket.

    1. Sorry, the school has currently decided to lay this problem off for now. If there are any future updates, we will make sure to inform you!

  2. Yes for girls, however, for boys, the answer is currently no. Boys should not be wearing visible earrings in school. When they are outside of the school property, they can feel free to wear jewelry, but when they are in school, they should be respecting the school rules and regulations at all times.

    1. Hello! We would like to know specifically which part of Owlet is feeling sluggish! Is it generally speaking or just some parts like the Gallery? Thanks!

    1. The lock-in is an event held by the student council, traditionally held only once in two years. The event may not be on the calendar, but if the student council plans on holding lock-in this year we’ll be sure to update it on Owlet!

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