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Social Forest is a forums page. (aka Owlet 지식인)

*Disclaimer: Social Forest is for asking and answering genuine questions, not for personal uses. Please respect it for what it is or we may have to take it down. Thank You*

If you have any personal questions, problems with school, and/or life, please contact the teachers or us separately through the emails below.

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22 Responses

  1. Students says:

    At morning, we give our phones to our homeroom phone basket. However, some students are afraid of put their phones to the basket because, their phones could be broken, in my situation I change my phone screen protecter three times because when students bring their phones, they scratch other students phone with their nails.
    So, what I want to do is, changing our phone basket to phone bag
    like this :
    I think, we should use this kind of phone bag because, I saw some situation that drop someone’s phone by accident.
    Therefore, I want to ask about changing our phone basket.

    • Owlet Managers says:

      Sorry, the school has currently decided to lay this problem off for now. If there are any future updates, we will make sure to inform you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can we do earrings at school?
    There are many students who do earrings at school.

  3. BHCS Teachers says:

    Yes for girls, however, for boys, the answer is currently no. Boys should not be wearing visible earrings in school. When they are outside of the school property, they can feel free to wear jewelry, but when they are in school, they should be respecting the school rules and regulations at all times.

  4. student says:

    I feel owlet became slower than previous version.
    Can it be fixed?

    • Owlet Managers says:

      Hello! We would like to know specifically which part of Owlet is feeling sluggish! Is it generally speaking or just some parts like the Gallery? Thanks!

  5. HOO says:

    When is the lock in ? I don’t think it was in the calendar…. or are we not doing lock-in this year? (tears)

    • Owlet Managers says:

      The lock-in is an event held by the student council, traditionally held only once in two years. The event may not be on the calendar, but if the student council plans on holding lock-in this year we’ll be sure to update it on Owlet!

  6. student says:

    When are we getting our student ID’s? I feel like we’ve been waiting for so long.. 🙁

  7. Student says:

    Is there any plan to make a (music) talent show?? I think it is a very good idea to try once.

  8. Mr. Ramsey says:

    I like your idea,but I would like to know more about it. Please come and speak with me to explain your vision in full so that we can work on turning it into a reality.

  9. Anonymous says:

    is is okay to call someone hyung? I know it is technically Korean, but I just don’t feel comfortable calling someone older than me by their names.

    • Owlet Managers says:

      Hello! In this case, we would believe as it is a part of Korean culture (and almost always simultaneously used with the name), it would be considered fine to call someone older than you with their associated term.

  10. Anonymous says:

    do we have a student council retreat this year?

  11. SKim says:

    Hiya. I’m always praying for the school. Keep up the good work!

  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s really unfair how questions have to be approved before answers. If this is a free space to express concerns and opinions why are many questions remained unanswered and ignored? A lot of controversial(ish) questions regarding school rules have been deleted too. I talked about this with a teacher and they didn’t even know that that was an option.

    • Owlet Managers says:

      Thanks for reaching out to us. A while ago, all of the comments section in Social Forest didn’t need approval. However, there had been instances where Social Forest was misused as a joke which caused the Owlet Managers quite a bit of a headache. Since then, the settings were changed to be moderated. However, we assure you that absolutely ALL comments have been allowed on the Social Forest regardless of the question or content (unless if the comment had very inappropriate language contained).
      Yes, there were a few comments previously here that was deleted, but by our reckoning, none of them were at all controversial issues, criticisms, or questions. We simply deleted the ones that were outdated; question from previous years like, “is the new school calendar for 2018 out.” If, by any chance, some important comment was deleted, we apologize and it was most likely due to human error. We here on Owlet are bipartisan and don’t have any intentions to silence comments based on their perspective.
      Questions on the Social Forest have not been ignored; after all, each comment has to be individually approved (for safety’s sake) by the Owlet Managers. Please note that the Owlet Managers are students, not teachers.
      Yes, from time to time teachers do answer the questions, but they are not a part of the Owlet Management team. Because we are students, some of the questions, we simply do not know the answers to (regarding rules or certain School events) and are better left for the teachers themselves to answer or for the individual to refer to a teacher separately. Therefore, it is reasonable that the teachers (except for Mr. Ramsey and perhaps Mr. David Kim) wouldn’t know that comments here get moderated. But again, please take into the fact that the Owlet Managers are bipartisan and do not filter comments for their perspective. We admit ALL comments as long as they don’t contain foul language.
      Thank you very much.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if all are allowed, I know for a fact someone asked about the Coronavirus with no swearwords but they didn’t get a reply. The question wasn’t a joke either. There were other questions in the past that I know I asked but didn’t get replied to.

    • Owlet Managers says:

      Hello. We’ve thoroughly gone through the entire list, including those in the trash. Still, we weren’t able to find anything regarding a coronavirus or any other comments that we are unfamiliar with. It seems that there might have been an unfortunate technical problem.
      Owlet is based on a WordPress host page, and therefore, sometimes, problems such as these do occur occasionally; if you don’t wait long enough for the comments to fully get uploaded (if Social Forest doesn’t show or tell you that the comment was uploaded and that you saw it with your own eyes), it is most likely that the comment wasn’t uploaded to begin with.
      If the questions went missing, we do sincerely apologize, but we really don’t have any control over these issues. However, please feel free to ask them again here. We (the Owlet Mangers) do try to reply to all of the questions, but please keep in mind that this is an open forum page, not a specific Q&A page to any particular Owlet Manager, student, or teacher. Therefore, no one really has an obligation to respond to comments.
      Yet, we still do the very best we can to offer the best, seamless experience for everyone. If you have any personal questions regarding a specific issue with Owlet, please refer to our email,

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