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  1. Voch says:

    What is the reason for wearing a school jacket in order to wear a casual jacket in school?
    It is really uncomfortable and many of students just decides to stay cold rather than being extremely uncomfortable.

    I want a reasonable reason

  2. student says:

    Why can’t girls wear makeup in school? I mean a lot of the teachers wear makeup, so why can’t students?

    • Owlet Managers says:

      First, wearing makeup itself is not a bad thing, however, the reason why students are prohibited from wearing makeup to school is because since makeup is a constant thing one has to tend to and fix, parents and teachers worry that the students’ will focus more on that than their class material. Once makeup is allowed, it is highly likely that they will frequently take out their hand-held mirrors in and out of class which means that they are more worried about that. Also, the students will have to deal with more appearance-based issues in school, which again, is something most parents will be against.

  3. 😶 says:

    Why can’t boys wear a necklace, but girls are allowed to wear it? Also, why does teachers not catch some boys with makeup but catch girls with makeup?

    • Owlet Managers says:

      Boys do get caught with makeup, however, it’s not as common so students don’t hear of it as much. Also boys who do get caught for makeup probably do not publicly announce that they were caught wearing makeup (no judgement, just stating the facts). Necklaces cannot be visible as far as we know. Boys can wear it but they must have it under their shirt.

  4. STUDENT says:

    Can we have school calendar for past years?

  5. Owlet Managers says:

    I’m sorry I don’t think we have that. You might have to ask Mr. Kim or Mr. Ramsey personally.

  6. When I try to post a comment it says write your name. Am I suppose to write my real name or a fake name?

  7. Owlet Managers says:

    That depends on you: if you want to keep your privacy, you may choose to go with a fake name or go for your real name if you don’t mind. However, please don’t use any trolling names or anything offensive.

  8. Thanks for the information!!

  9. T says:

    When are the student ID card gonna come out? Many students are waiting for it.

  10. Owlet Managers says:

    Sorry, because some Seniors were missed during the photo shooting day and the photographers had to also take photos of the new students that came in recently, the entire process was on hold. The photos are all taken, but it is now up to the school Administration and the company to sort the rest out so please be patient! When the exact dates come up, we will announce it on The Hoot!

  11. . says:

    School has made me feel so depressed lately. I don’t know why, but I feel like if I don’t take at least a five minute break in most of my classes, I will explode. I want to talk to someone about it but I don’t know who to talk to because I don’t feel close with any of my teachers. I’ve tried in the past, but they don’t get my situation. What do I do?

  12. Owlet Managers says:

    If you do not feel as comfortable talking to the teachers, we have the prefects system in place. Their main purpose is not to enforce rules but to be models and mentors. You can approach any of the prefects about this. The prefects are Yea Joon Kim, Jungmin Lee, Han Bin Park, Geonwoo Back, Hyunwoo Ji, and Joy Son. If you would like to email me first, you can do so to

  13. K says:

    Are hoodies still on sale?

  14. . says:

    where can i read all the school policies? i still dont know all the rules that i need to follow

    • Owlet Managers says:

      Thank you for waiting. On The Hoot, if you scroll all the down, there should be a link for you to view or download the file.

  15. Students says:

    At morning, we give our phones to our homeroom phone basket. However, some students are afraid of put their phones to the basket because, their phones could be broken, in my situation I change my phone screen protecter three times because when students bring their phones, they scratch other students phone with their nails.
    So, what I want to do is, changing our phone basket to phone bag
    like this :
    I think, we should use this kind of phone bag because, I saw some situation that drop someone’s phone by accident.
    Therefore, I want to ask about changing our phone basket.

    • Owlet Managers says:

      Thank you very much. Your suggestion has been duly noted and will be brought up in Student Council as well as the Administration to come up with solutions.

  16. student says:

    I get there is a dress code but what is the rules?

    • another student says:

      I hope this clarifies things for you. This is copied straight off the BHCS Handbook

      “Casual Fridays”
      BHCS desires to maintain a professional and a positive learning environment at school. Every Friday (unless communicated) is a “casual Friday” during which students are permitted to wear casual clothing in lieu of the BHCS uniform, if desired. However, students must comply with the following “casual” dress code:

      • all clothing must be modest (skirt/dress length for girls is the same as BHCS uniform), and free from slogans, pictures, logos, etc. which are inconsistent with BHCS philosophy
      • no tank tops or sleeveless style shirts
      • No hats or hoods may be worn while indoors
      • Boys may not wear visible earings or necklaces worn over the uniform shirt
      • shorts must be “modest” in length complying with the skirt length standard above;

      “자유복장 금요일”
      BHCS는 학교가 전문적이고 긍정적인 배움의 장이 될 수 있도록 노력합니다. 매주 금요일(예외상황이 전달된 경우를 제외하고)은 “자유복장 금요일” 입니다. 이 의미는 BHCS 승인 하에 BHCS 교복 대신에 자유 복장을 입도록 한다는 것입니다. 하지만, 학부모님과 학생들은 반드시 “자유 복장” 규정을 따라야 합니다:

      • 모든 복장은 정숙하고(여학생들의 치마 길이는 BHCS 교복 규정과 동일), 복장, 그리고 불건전한 구호나 사진, 혹은 문구가 없는 옷을 착용해야 합니다.
      • 소매가 없는 셔츠나 나시는 착용할 수 없습니다.
      • 반바지 길이는 정숙 해야 함

  17. O says:

    Why can’t boys wear their necklaces visibly while girls are allowed?

  18. .z says:

    If it is for both genders, why in the handbook does it only refer to boys

  19. says:

    Thank you for your response and this is a valid point that maybe the school handbook will include in the next edition of student handbooks. However, I think it was specifically mentioned in the boys’ section due to the fact that most male necklaces are a lot bigger and visible compared to girls’ necklaces. Some boys have been seen wearing their necklaces outside of their uniform and therefore it is specifically mentioned in the boys’ section.

  20. - says:

    I asked a teacher few days ago and they said necklaces shouldn’t be visible only to boys. I’ve seen several girls wear necklaces outside of their shirt and they never got in trouble. Why are only girls allowed?

  21. Anonymous says:

    When will the banquet pictures be on the website?

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