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  1. student

    Why do the students need to take their own photos for the yearbook? I get it, coronavirus stuff is happening, but the students should get professional background photos and need professional cameras to take the photos, why couldn’t the school just take the photos at the start of the semester. Also when are you giving us the student IDs? It’s been about 1~2 years and we don’t have it. Banquet too, some students were wondering if it’s going to be cancelled because we’re going back to school on the 25th and banquet is on the 29th. Also why are middle schoolers coming? I thought it was high school stuff? Why do we not have homecoming?

    1. Owlet Managers

      Hello. As Owlet Managers, there are only very few things from your questions that we can reply with certainty. To begin with, only the Seniors were requested to turn in their pictures for the Senior portion of the yearbook, none of the other grades. Continuing with the photos being taken beforehand, in previous years, it’s simply just been the tradition of having students fill in the photographers’ role because they passionately volunteered. Some reasons for why the photos were taken at the end of the school year was because generally, students and teachers had more leisure nearing the end of the school year after their other academic projects and plans were coming to a close. To add on top of that, Seniors do not have any free time to spare during the first semester in which they are already packed full of college essays and legal papers preparations. As a result, each year, the yearbook pictures were held in Spring. Still, a bonus of that later timing also benefits the image as a whole when the greenery is at its prime, resulting in a more vibrant background (you may feel free to ask the previous Seniors if they are satisfied with their pictures from last year).
      Unfortunately, speaking of the Student ID cards, that is entirely above the Owlet Managers’ realm of control, so it’s a question better saved for the Administration personally.
      Next, we must first clarify the intention of the Banquet; the annual BHCS Banquet was never intentioned to be anything like a Homecoming or a Prom from the very beginning. It was created for the High School division to celebrate and enjoy their closing of another successful academic year in an appropriate manner through good food, dressing nicely, and conversing with their peers. That’s the way it has been set up from the Student Council from many years ago, a long time before most students were even in BHCS Secondary.
      Also, as Owlet Managers, we cannot speak for the Student Council on their motivations and plans for this year’s Banquet.

        1. Owlet Managers

          From what we understand, the yearbook was completed but was never printed for one reason or another. If you would like the digital copy, please first refer to Mr. David Kim for further details.

    2. Ms. Yoon

      I can answer your question about the Banquet. Traditionally, the Banquet is only for the high school students. It was planned to be that way this year as well. However, due to COVID-19, many school activities such as the field trip, the sports day, the pie day, etc. were cancelled. So, the school asked the Student Council if we could plan the event for everyone and make a fun day out of it. SC has no intention of extending the invites to the Middle School students from this year and forward. This was only once in a life time event – not a continuous event. Although the Owlet manager tried his or her best to answer the question by assuming, I think a question that one does not know the answer to should remained unanswered.
      By answering “However, one can assume that the reason for the addition of Middle School students might be due to the slight decline of interest of older students if the Banquet is held within school. To make up for the lost interest, SC might have decided to allow all of Secondary to join,”
      the manager accidentally not only makes a wrong assumption about his or her peers but also presumes that much power is held by the SC – which it doesn’t.
      According to our survey, there was a sharp incline in the high school students’ willingness to participate in this year’s banquet despite the location.
      The SC wasn’t trying to “make up for the lost interest,” for there is no need to “make up for the lost interest.” It is quite nice having an intimate occasion. 🙂
      Unfortunately, I was just informed today (May 18) that the Banquet, too, will be cancelled due to the recent Itaewon outbreak. I wish that I could’ve informed all of you way before this, but unfortunately, I was informed just a couple hours ago.
      Hopefully, what the SC prepared for this year would bring joy to the students attending the next year’s banquet.

  2. :)

    Are the students excused for the day if they take the AP exam? It is true that the AP exams are going to be held mostly during dawn time, not during the classtime. However, there are students who have AP exams the day after they take one (ex: AP test on Monday and another on Tuesday), which will cause tiredness during the test if they attend class from 9AM~4PM. If students take their AP exam on Monday dawntime, do they have to show up for class on Monday, or are they excused?

    1. Owlet Managers

      Yes, if you let the school know ahead of time, you will get fully excused. However, please also personally let your teacher know as well so that there will be less confusion.

  3. Mr. Ramsey

    To expand on what the Owlet Manager so helpfully said, your absence will be excused by the school office. But, as each class has its own policies (explained in each class’ syllabus), you need to communicate with your teachers before your missed class in order to find out what you need to do to make up for your absence and what (if any) impact the absence will have on your participation grade.

  4. do you guys really think it is a good idea to make students to go to school? what if someone got the virus.I saw many students going PC room and karaoke and not wearing mask. even though, we go to school few days of a weak, it is still the same, if someone got the virus.

    1. :(

      i think so too. i think this need to be answered before the weekend. There are many school that stopped going to school. I heard that this is school choice whether the students going to school or not. The number of infected people increased a lot. I think the lives of students are more important than going to school.

          1. Owlet Managers

            Hello. We want to kindly remind you that this is an open forum page. No one is required to respond to anything, although we do try to respond to what we can. Please keep in mind that it’s Owlet Managers – plural. There are several of us, and each of us may have different positions on different issues, and so one can’t speak for all. Thus, we try to be as objective as possible when responding.

          2. :)

            I believe owlet managers can’t really have an answer to this question. If you are paranoid and worried about it, why didn’t you request home study? Also if you really want the school to take actions, emailing Mr. Ramsey or calling the school will be more efficient than writing in social forest.

  5. Warren Park

    We have a slight problem with Google. All Google services stopped working and none of them, including Gmail and Google Classroom has stopped working. We have final exams and projects to work on and study mostly on Google Drive and Google classroom, and We cannot proceed if all of Google’s services are down. Can we have some sort of way to counter this issue?

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